Wheelchair accessible vehicle rental At PCO Car Rentals, we offer an affordable car hire service.
As part of our car hire services, we believe it is essential to provide Wheelchair Access Vehicles, which is the focus of this blog today.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Rental

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Rental Public Transport in London

Looking at the statistics from 2019-2020, wheelchair users and people with a disability made 26% fewer trips when compared with able-bodied people. Whilst there are some improvements made throughout London public transport systems, to make travel all the way through the city possible, it is too limited and not consistent enough to be a viable alternative to car transport for many people living with disability. For this reason, a majority of people with disabilities travel by car. Wheelchair users rely on taxi services more than those who don’t use wheelchairs, but still, only 17% of vehicles in London were wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Rental Car Options

Whilst wheelchair users can use taxis, as we have outlined, not only are not all taxis accessible, but they can also be expensive. We believe that at PCO Car Rentals, we offer an affordable alternative for getting around London with our fleet of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. There is an increased awareness of those with specific physical needs, thanks to campaigns and legislation. With more actions taken to make lifts, doorways, and toilets accessible for wheelchairs users, we are helping in our own way by providing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

Provision of Wheelchair Accessible Cars

By supplying WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) rental vehicles to Uber, Bolt and other private hire companies, wheelchair users will be able to access this convenient mode of transport. PCO Rentals are determined to offer WAV hire for the benefit of everyone throughout the communities where we operate. We are also actively assisting ride-hailing companies to help wheelchairs users across the UK to benefit from the same WAV hire London customers have been enjoying.

Why Wheelchair Accessibility is Important

With approximately 1% of adults over 16 in England being wheelchair uses according to data from 2019, and a massive 54% of disabilities impairing mobility in some way, it is vital to provide wheelchair accessible modes of transport. Whilst a minority, this is an important issue for the sake of equality, to ensure that wheelchair users are able to benefit from the same rights as the rest of the population. WAVs are not just large enough to transport a wheelchair folded up in the luggage space but are rather specifically adapted to offer wheelchair users optimum utility, using ramps and special anchor points. WAVs enable wheelchair users to remain in their chairs throughout the journey, which is vital for those who are physically unable to leave their chairs or those who depend upon medical equipment mounted on the chair.

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To find out more about our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in London, please feel free to get in touch via email at info@pcorent.com, or call us on 0203 174 1114 to speak to a member of the team directly. As well as London, we also have locations in Bradford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Sefton. Wherever you’re based, we are sure to be able to find a wheelchair accessible car for hire that suits your needs. You can view our reviews online to see what previous customers have thought of our car rental services.