Car Hire London

PCO Car Rentals, are a London-based company providing cheap car hire throughout London. We operate from our head office located on the Edgware Rd in North-West London, offering PCO / PHV car hire service to everyone across London.

Fleet of Vehicles

We offer a range of vehicles for hire, including the Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius Plus, Toyota Auris, Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Horizon, Fully Electric Nissan Leaf 40kw & Tesla Model 3. Vehicles are available for weekly rental, depending on your chosen model the prices range from £180 p/w to £349 p/w (Tesla). You can also take advantage of our Rent 2 Buy scheme on some models.

Car Hire London

Wheelchair Accessible Car Rentals

We provide a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Known as WAV rentals for short, these cars are designed to provide those who use wheelchairs with optimum utility, using ramps and special anchor points. This ensures that a wheelchair user does not need to fold their wheelchair away but can instead easily remain in their wheelchair throughout the journey. This is vital for those who are physically unable to move from their wheelchair or those who need medical equipment that is organised and mounted on their chair.  In addition to London, we also have WAV’s available in Bradford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Sefton.

Electric Car Rentals

We offer Electric Vehicle Rentals. Known as EV’s, Tesla Model 3 & 40Kwh Nissan Leaf’s these vehicles are Zero Emissions so Congestion Charge Free. Great to drive & offer amazing savings on running costs.

Contact Us

For any more information please do not hesitate to contact us:
You can call the office on 0203 174 1114 or contact us via email at
Whatever your question may be, a member of our team will be delighted to hear from you.
We are sure we can find a car to suit your needs, so if you are looking for Hybrids, EV’s or WAV’s please do not hesitate to call today !!!