Toyota Prius

The world’s favorite hybrid, with the space and refinement of a large family car and the fuel economy of a supermini, there’s no car quite like the Toyota Prius. It’s all down to the award‐winning Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

The Prius is a conventional automatic, the transmission makes driving relaxing and rewarding. Just like a diesel, the hybrid system delivers low fuel consumption. But with the Prius, the experience is better than either a conventional automatic or a diesel: it’s smooth, almost silent and delivers outstanding fuel economy – and with no sacrifice in performance.

Two engines – one petrol, one electric – work in perfect harmony to recycle the energy normally lost when you slow down or brake, giving you great fuel economy in all traffic conditions. The hybrid system means ultra‐low carbon emissions, and if you drive in electric mode, you’ll produce virtually no emissions at all.




At PCO Rentals we have modified our entire fleet of Prius to consist of full leather interior and privacy rear glass, giving your clients that executive feel.