Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of information to process when looking to rent a Uber ready vehicle. Here are the answers to our most asked questions….

  • How long are your contracts? We provide a 1 year rolling contract, minimum is one month with a two week written notice
  • What is the cheapest deal you have at the moment? The offer we have at the moment is for £220 a week, insurance, break down cover and maintenance included. The only thing we don’t cover is punctured tyres and windscreen damage. That deal is for an 09/59 reg
  • What is the most expensive deal you have at the moment? The most expensive vehicle we have at the moment is a 16 reg Toyota Prius at £270 a week.
  • Do you include insurance? Our package includes insurance, breakdown cover and maintenance.
  • What is your minimum contract? Minimum contract is one month and after one month if you wish to cancel your contract you can do so with a written notice period of two weeks
  • What cars do you have available?We stock the worlds best Hybrid…the Toyota Prius. We also have Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. 
  • What do I need to have and provide to take a car out with you? You need to have a PCO licence and you need to be over 24.
  • What is the notice period? The notice period is two weeks and it will have to be via email to
  • Is there a mileage limit? Yes, the mileage limit is 40,000 per annum 
  • If I have points on my licence will there be an extra charge? Yes depending on the offence there will be a charge. The first three points are fine.
  • What is the excess on insurance? Excess on insurance is up to £2,000
  • Do I need to leave a deposit with you and if so how much is the deposit and will I be refunded? Yes there is a deposit of £500 which will be refunded once your contract has ended given that the car has been brought back the same way it went out on hire.
  • What happens if I get a job out of London? Am I allowed to take it? Yes, all pco registered companies are London based however if you receive a job which involves driving out of London that is fine as long as you are aware if you go over your mileage limit then you will be charged 18p per mile after.
  • Does your package include PCOing the car and MOTing? Yes if a car is due an MOT or a PCO we will contact our driver to let them know they will need to go take the vehicle for a check and ask them what time they would be available to take the vehicle
  • If I need a service would I be able to go to my own garage? We do not allow you to get your servicing or MOTs done elsewhere. However small items such as oil/fuses/brake pads you are welcome to get fitted and we will credit your account. 
  • What happens if I get a puncture in my tyre? You are liable to pay for a new tyre as we do not cover tyre punctures
  • What happens if I get a stone crack in my windscreen? You are liable to pay for repair or a new windscreen as we do not cover damaged windscreens
  • Is there an admin fee for PCNs if I receive oneYes there is an admin fee of £24.00 if you receive a PCN


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