We are super excited to bring you news of our new fleet of 16 reg Toyota Prius.

This car has to be driven to be believe. Great spec, chic leather interior and an MPG at its highest ever!

Our special Offer for the first 10 cars out is only £270 a week and £50 cash back on your first week. 


Call today 0203 174 1114 to reserve yours – available now 



Take it from us…

“It is such a pleasure to be one of the first people to drive the brand new 16 REG Toyota Prius. It’s slick, it’s stylish and so pleasant to drive. It’s a better drive and has lower running costs that the older Prius so if you want a car that is easy to live with, clean and cheap to run this is the one for you! There is a lot to admire in the engineering and technology, If not the look of the car, especially if you are a batman fan! I absolutely love the new Prius and felt relaxed, safe and excited driving it!”

“I have driven many Toyota Prius from 2006 regs – 2016 reg and by far the 2016 reg is a superior drive. The exterior really is something out of a movie – sharp edges which defines the new shape. The interior of the car is nothing in comparison to any prius I have ever been in – its smooth, its sleek, its smart looking!! The drive is the most comfortable of all the cars we have on our fleet. If you want luxury when driving then this is the car for you. Take a look and you won’t be disappointed.”

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